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Woodshop Program & Handcrafted Projects 

The ILI Woodshop Program is known community-wide for partnering with Equity Bank (formerly Community First Bank) to produce stick-horses for the rodeo. Each year since 2003, the bank has purchased from ILI more than 500 stick-horses handcrafted by clients. The bank then generously donates the stick-horses to be handed out by rodeo officials to the first 500 children present at the Northwest Arkansas District Fair Rodeo. Clients are thrilled to see the happy faces of the children receiving a stick-horse they have lovingly created!


Woodshop clients also produce various other handcrafted items throughout the year such as bird houses, holiday-themed canisters and fire starter bricks. The clients who produce the stick horses and other items get paid for their work.

David finished his horse head.JPG
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