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Direct Care services funded through the Arkansas Medicaid Waiver program are designed to help individuals with developmental disabilities live in their own homes and avoid institutionalization. Clients often begin by living in an ILI Group Home before transitioning to their own apartments. Appropriate support staff are selected to work with clients from two to 24 hours per day, based on the individual’s specialized Plan of Care. The Plan of Care is specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual and identifies the Self-Care, Socialization, and Adaptive skills they need to develop or improve to live independently.


Support staff work with clients to strengthen their functional skills, with the intention of helping a client become as independent and self-sufficient as possible. Support staff also assist with budgeting, shopping, cleaning, and personal hygiene. While clients are encouraged to become more independent in their daily lives, we recognize that individuals function on different levels: one individual may be improving housekeeping habits while another is learning to prepare a well-balanced dinner. 


Generally, clients who require staff 24 hours a day have a team of three caregivers employed by ILI to work with them. 

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